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Secure your exclusive position at the forefront of the wellness industry by registering as an exhibitor today. With a booth price tailored for The DRIPBaR vendors, this is a unique opportunity to showcase your innovations to a specialized audience. Don't miss out on the chance to connect with The DRIPBaR franchisees, share your expertise, and expand your influence at the DBaM and VIBE 2024 events.

Become an Exhibitor at DBaM and VIBE 2024

Welcome to The DRIPBaR Annual Meeting (DBaM) and the Vitamin Infusion Business Expo (VIBE) 2024, hosted by the American IV Association (AIVA). These back-to-back conferences serve as a pivotal platform for franchisees, innovators, and leaders in the vibrant fields of vitamin therapy and holistic wellness. Offering a unique opportunity for exhibitors to engage with a dedicated and passionate audience, these events are crucial for those looking to make a significant impact in the health and wellness sector.

As an exhibitor at DBaM and VIBE 2024, you'll immerse yourself in an environment ripe with potential clients, industry experts, and fellow innovators. This is your chance to elevate your brand, showcase your expertise, and forge valuable connections with the vanguards of wellness. Perfect for both established entities and burgeoning startups within the wellness industry, exhibiting at these conferences offers unmatched opportunities for growth, networking, and visibility.

Seize this opportunity to position your brand at the forefront of the wellness revolution. Join us at DBaM and VIBE 2024, where your brand will thrive, your innovations will be spotlighted, and your strategic connections will reshape the future of health and wellness.

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Who Should Be an Exhibitor?

Present your innovative solutions and engage with key industry figures at DBaM and VIBE 2024.

Innovative Wellness Technology Providers

Companies at the forefront of developing cutting-edge wellness technologies, including vitamin infusion devices, software for clinic management, and patient engagement tools. Ideal for businesses aiming to revolutionize how wellness services are delivered and experienced.

Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturers

Leaders in the production of high-quality vitamins, minerals, and supplements designed for IV vitamin therapy and holistic health practices. This category is perfect for those who wish to showcase their commitment to purity, efficacy, and innovation in nutritional solutions.

Health and Wellness Service Franchises

Established franchises and emerging brands in the health, wellness, and spa industry looking to expand their footprint and connect with entrepreneurs interested in opening their own wellness centers. Share your successful business models and support systems with a targeted audience.

Educational and Training Institutions

Organizations offering certification, continuing education, and training programs tailored to health professionals in IV Vitamin  therapy and integrative medicine. Connect with practitioners eager to advance their skills and knowledge in the rapidly growing field of vitamin infusion therapy.

Embrace the opportunity to elevate your brand as a leader in the IV vitamin therapy revolution. By exhibiting at both DBaM and VIBE 2024, you play a vital role in defining the future of wellness.

Why Exhibit at DBaM and VIBE 2024?

Join DBaM and VIBE 2024 as an exhibitor and capitalize on the opportunity to present your brand at leading events in the IV vitamin therapy sector. With an anticipated attendance of 50 exhibitors and over 500 participants, these conferences offer a prime platform for showcasing your products and services to an engaged audience passionate about wellness and rejuvenation. Position your brand prominently within the IV vitamin therapy industry and make meaningful connections with a targeted audience looking for cutting-edge wellness solutions.

Expand Your Network

Engage with industry leaders and decision-makers across two dynamic settings at DBaM and VIBE 2024. Exhibiting at these events connects you with a dedicated community passionate about IV vitamin therapy and wellness, opening doors to new partnerships and business opportunities in the thriving health sector.

Showcase Your Innovations

Showcase your latest products or services to a captive audience across both DBaM and VIBE 2024. Whether launching new solutions or demonstrating proven successes, these events provide ideal stages to impress and educate potential clients and partners.

Elevate Your Brand

Secure unparalleled exposure in the IV vitamin therapy market at both DBaM and VIBE 2024. Through strategic branding opportunities and interactive presentations, position your company as a thought leader dedicated to advancing wellness and healthcare solutions.

DBaM and VIBE 2024 are not just events; they are catalysts for growth and connection in the wellness industry. Anticipated to host 50 exhibitors and over 500 attendees, these conferences promise dynamic platforms for expansion, learning, and networking. Don’t miss the opportunity to elevate your brand, showcase your innovations, and engage with key stakeholders in the IV vitamin therapy market. Join us to make a profound impact and advance your business objectives.

Become an Exhibitor Today!

Registration is Now Open

The Agenda


1pm - 4pm: Registration
6-7pm: Meet and Greet Cocktail
Party in the Chandelier Bar 

Cocktail Party sponsored by
Sheehan's Office Interiors


9am - 10am: Late Registration
10am - 4pm: Conference (Schedule TBA)
5:30pm - 7:30pm:
Group Outing


10am - 4pm: Conference (Schedule TBA)
6pm - 9pm : Awards Dinner

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Exhibitor Booth Pricing and Inclusions


Booth Price: $5,000. (DBaM Only - Exhibit Day Sept. 7)
Booth Price: $10,000. (DBaM & VIBE - Exhibit Days Sept. 7 -9)
Electrical Outlet Access $35 per outlet
Each booth comes equipped with:
(1) 6-foot table
(2) Chairs
(1) Linen

Event Schedule for Exhibitors

DBaM Only Set-Up: September 6
DBaM Only Breakdown: September 7
DBaM + VIBE Set-Up: September 6
DBaM + VIBE Breakdown: September 9

This pricing is EXCLUSIVE to approved vendors of The DRIPBaR.  If you know of other vendors who may want to exhibit or sponsor at VIBE, please have them send their inquiries to

A Reminder: This event is for owners and area representatives only. If you are planning on bringing someone who does not fall into that category, there is a $500 fee for them to attend, and due to space considerations, we cannot guarantee they will be able to attend all events.